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At Empress Hair, our goal is to work hard to present you with the very best service possible. We aim to provide quality, professional hair care, in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Whether it be a new style cut, a brand new colour or a gorgeous up style for your big day, we always want your visit to be an enjoyable experience! Empress Hair is a proud ASPYA De Lorenzo stockist and we love promoting and using ethical and sustainably sourced hair care products – they really are fantastic and give great results! Our professional friendly stylists are always available to provide advice on how to achieve a specific style and can make recommendations to suit your lifestyle, hair type and even your facial characteristics.


If you have any questions about the services we offer please don’t hesitate to call and talk to one of our friendly stylists. We’re always happy to help and we hope to see you soon!

Balayage Ovnbre & Sovbre

Are you wanting to achieve a beautiful sun-kissed and natural looking hair colour? Balayage was a game-changer in the hair industry when it first came about. It is the effect that is mostly seen on children where the hair is naturally darker at the roots and lightens out towards the end as it becomes bleached by the sun. The term Balayage means to paint and is a freestyle technique of painting highlights into the hair, rather than the more structured and ordered way of putting in highlights. It looks great on blondes or brunettes and helps provide a subtle gradient look. There is now a new word ‘Sombre’ which is ‘subtle-ombre’ that has popped up this last year.


We are a De Lorenzo ASPYA Salon and believe that these products provide beautiful vibrant and rich colours and stunning blondes showing the best results whilst being ethically responsible. De Lorenzo uses natural plant-based ingredients that are free from petrochemicals and animal testing as well as being Australian owned and made.


Are you looking for that beautiful yet subtle change in tone? Foils are a great way of highlighting hair and creating depth that can be either subtle or strong depending on the look you are after. More than one colour can also be used allowing you to create a look that is dimensional . We offer free in-salon consultations with our professional stylists for colour advice and recommendations for your hair type. To book, simply click on the website or give one of our stylists a call in-salon today.

Novaplex Upgrade

Do you enjoy using premium hair products? Novaplex by De Lorenzo is a premium bond linking system and is 100% vegan, cruelty free and Australian made. It is shown to reduce hair breakage during lightning by 71%. Compatible with all hair types and textures, Novaplex deeply penetrates the scalp to protect existing bonds and restores broken ones caused by excessive lightening and extreme straightening usage. 

Novaplex is a 3 step process, the first two steps take place in-salon, and the third being the take home product, Novaplex Bond Defence. Designed to strengthen and care for hair in-between salon treatments. An intensive nourishing treatment recommended to be used once a week to repair, protect and soften. For optimum results use De Lorenzo’s Defence Thermal Shampoo, Conditioner and styling products that we stock.

Style Cuts

Can’t decide on how to switch up your next hairstyle? Pixie cuts, a fringe or layers to give movement, big changes or small changes, every haircut is important to us! Our stylists are trained in matching hairstyles to face shapes and are always happy to help you make that change you are looking for.


Looking for a beautiful upstyle for a special occasion? From braiding, buns and ponytails to elegant updos – we are here to help. Bring in a style or ideas for inspiration and book a consultation with one of our trained stylists for pricing.

Hair Facts


Is how fast the average persons hair grows

Lots of things can influence hair growth, such as age, health, genetics or pregnancy.


The amount healthy hair can stretch when wet

Hair becomes very elastic when it’s wet and can stretch by up to 30% without being damaged.

2 to 7 years

Is the life span of a single hair

On average, the lifespan of a human hair is 2 to 7 years. The hair on our scalp goes through 3 phases, the anagen phase, catagen phase, and telogen phase.